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December 2020

Katie Hunt Lawrence

Katie (aka Polo) is our December PAX spotlight✨! Polo is a complete joy and light to be around! Ever since she started coming to FiA, we knew she had a heart for fitness, community, and camaraderie! Katie brings the heat to any workout she attends or leads and you will usually be laughing throughout the workout because she has a GREAT sense of humor! If you have not been to one of her workouts, you need to plan to come to the next one she leads! We are SO thankful for Polo and for being part of the FiA Memphis Tribe!


1. Tell us about yourself!

My name is Katie! I’m from Chicago originally, went to college in Ohio and came to Memphis shortly after. I met my husband here and my sister lives here too...we love the 901 but enjoy our trips north a lot too!

2. How did you hear about FiA?

I heard about Fia from a guy friend who went to F3. When I was looking for an outdoor workout option with the pandemic, I looked it up and tried it out and loved it!

3. How did you get your FiA name?

My Fia name is Polo. I played water polo in high school, college and (pre-COVID) in a local league for adults too. I also coach at the high school level which has been a highlight since my time living here. This season was cut short due to COVID but would have been my first year where I coached the group since they were’s so fun to see them develop and grow as players and people.

4. What makes you keep coming back to FiA consistently?

What makes me keep coming back to Fia is the community! I find an immediate sense of camaraderie among women who like to physically challenge our bodies and enjoy pushing our physical limits. Plus the endorphin boost is always a win!

5. Favorite thing about FiA:

My favorite thing about Fia is the community and the ability to scale however you need according to how your body is feeling that day.

6. Favorite Quote(s):

Phil. 4:6-7 - talks about the peace of God guarding our minds.



Who will be our next Spotlight PAX?

We are wanting to spotlight you all for the amazing work you are putting in at the workouts and outside of FiA! Check back to see who is our next Spotlight PAX!

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