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FiA Friendsgiving and upcoming news about 2020!

Gosh, what a night filled with incredible women that really understand the meaning of community and making some great memories. Not only did these women bring some BOMB dishes, but they really brought support and encouragement as we discussed how 2020 is going to look. This is a very bittersweet post to write. First, let's discuss our fearless and bold leader, Doula. She brought a free, peer-led workout here to Memphis and (best of all) brought all of us women together. The first time I met Doula on a Thursday morning, I thought "This woman is so fit and maybe I can be like her if I keep coming to this thing called FiA". I had no idea how much she helped me fall in love with the meaning of FiA and everything it stands for. Stephanie is an extraordinary mother to three and wife to an incredible, supportive husband. She started FiA here in 2018 at Shelby Farms and had no idea where it was going to lead. Now, if you look at FiA, we have 4 official locations with others on the way and women working out all over Memphis! What a legacy! This only happened because of the bold and courageous woman Doula is (I could go on and on about the woman Stephanie is and how much of an impact she has left on me and I know all of you as well). Last night, Stephanie informed the PAX that she and her family are moving to Florida around February. There is an opportunity there that will be more beneficial for the whole family. The more I write and talk about it, the harder this realization of this family moving out of Memphis. Anyways, with Doula moving to Florida, she is having to step down from her position as Nanny-tan (regional for Memphis FiA). To take on the role of Nanny-tan, you all get two co-regionals (whoop whoop). Myself (Beats) and Ashton (River Rat) will become co-regionals together to keep FiA going here in Memphis. Although we will not be Stephanie, we are going to do our best to keep FiA striving and thriving here in Memphis. Doula had a certain magic that brought women around Memphis together and we hope to catch some of that magic to keep FiA growing to more women in the Memphis area. Ashton and I thank you all in advance for your support and patience as we transition to these new roles. To keep FiA growing, it does not only take us nanny-tans, but you all continuing to spread the word of this community of women who are growing stronger and better together. Make sure you are telling Doula how incredible she is and what she has meant to you (I know she would love that)! ALSO, do you see that new blue FiA ruck plate!? That was a gift from Doula to us new nanny-tans and you better believe it will be used in the next workout. So, get ready ladies because that plate is 30lbs!! Again, this night truly was bittersweet with being surrounded by the FiA family while having to share this news with you all! We love you all and cannot wait to see this FiA family/community grow and keep the legacy growing that Doula started here!

-FiA leadership

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