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Fall FiA Social at Betty C's house

What a cozy night filled with yummy food, gorgeous weather, and lots of laughs around the fire till almost 11 PM at our FiA Fall Social! We talked about worst dates, favorite dates, dates you didn't know were dates, how you met your spouse (given by both parties present) and a lot more that rolled into the late hours. Betty C and her family did an incredible job of hosting us their beautiful backyard (Thanks Kim)! It’s nights like these that help strengthen and make FIA what it is. If you couldn’t make this one, we missed you and be sure to catch the next one that gets planned. Check out the photos and videos below to get a glimpse of what the night consisted of! #fiamemphis #fiasocials #buildingrealtionships #fiafriends #fiaspouses #fia2.0’s

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